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About us

Green Uniques Energy Co.,Ltd.,located in ZhongShan city, GuangDong Province, is a lighting company integrated design, production and sales. from design to production adopts the pattern of "vertical depth", to "R&D and the customer demand as the guidance", create practical and pratt &whitney products .

At present, the company has LED solar street lamp, solar garden lamp, solar wall lamp, portable solar lamp, RGBW intelligent color projection lamp and other core products.And has passed CE,ROHS,FCC,CB,UL,TUV certification.The company is equipped with professional team in solar photoelectric conversion,LED research technology, always optimize the product energy efficiency, quality experience, Lux and other functional effects, at the same time, the company has a complete system of production supply chain and stable export shipping channels, to ensure that our partners will get satisfy products, satisfy service.


Contact: Flory

Phone: + 86 717-6065292

Tel: + 86 717-6065292

Email: admin@greenuniques.com

Whatsapp:+ 86 18071302884

Add: The East Coast North Road,Guzhen Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province.P.R.China

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