Developing Course

March 2015

Established LED solar lamp manufacturing plant in Zhongshan Industrial Zone, Guangdong

March 2018

Green Uniques Co.,Ltd was formally established and launched LED solar flood light series products

August 2018

Green Uniques Co.,Ltd established an overseas export business department and established an expert R&D team

November 2018

The company develops and produces independently, launches new LED solar garden lights series products

June 2019

Focusing on the core concept of "high quality, easy installation", the company successfully launched LED integrated street lights

March 2020
Half a year of research and testing, successfully researched and produced products with rich functions, "5G Internet of Things" lighting and monitoring integrated products


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Whatsapp:+ 86 18071302884

Add: Yongxing Industrial Park,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,P.R.China

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