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What are the Benefits of Using Lithium Batteries for Solar Street Lights?

    Lithium batteries belong to the nature of dry batteries. They are controllable and non-polluting energy storage batteries, which are more stable and safer than lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries for street lamps are different from lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries can only guarantee a service life of two or three years, and the service life of lithium batteries can be as long as 10 years. In solar street lamp systems, the service life of LED light sources is generally 50,000 hours. That is about 10 years, so the choice of lithium battery can perfectly match the system, and there is no need to replace the battery frequently. Lithium batteries are small in size, light in weight, and easy to transport. Compared with the lithium energy storage system and the lead-acid gel battery used in the solar street lamp with the same power, the weight is about one-third and the volume is about one-third. Lithium batteries have high energy density and longer service life. Energy density refers to the amount of energy stored in a certain unit of space or mass. The greater the energy density of a battery, the more electricity stored per unit weight or volume. Lithium batteries are pollution-free, and lead-acid batteries are polluted by heavy metal lead. In addition, the service life of lead-acid batteries is very short, while the service life of lithium batteries is generally more than 10 years, and the service life of LED light sources is also 10 years. Very good match.
    Lithium batteries are more intelligent. If solar street lights use lithium batteries, they can intelligently optimize the calculation of battery capacity, use time, weather conditions and other factors according to user needs. The battery's temperature adaptability is very strong, it can work normally in the environment of -20℃--60℃, even in the cold northern environment of -45℃, it can still work as usual. Lithium battery solar street lights are easy to maintain. Lithium-powered solar street lights only need to take out the battery from the pole or battery panel when repairing, while traditional solar street lights need to dig out the buried battery when repairing, which is much more troublesome than lithium-powered solar street lights. The solar cell made of lithium battery using the principle of photovoltaic effect receives solar radiant energy during the day and converts it into electrical output. It is stored in the battery through the charge and discharge controller. At night, when the illuminance gradually decreases to about 10 lux, the Changsha photosynthetic solar panel opens. The voltage is about 4.5V, the charge and discharge controller will act after detecting this voltage value, and the battery will discharge the lamp cap. After the battery is discharged for 8.5 hours, the battery discharge ends, and the main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery.


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