Solor Power System

  • Solar Power System
  • Solar Power System
  • Solar Power System
Solar Power SystemSolar Power SystemSolar Power System

Solar Power System

  • Off Grid Solar Power System
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  • mini home solar power system
  • Off Grid Solar Inverter
  • Product description: off grid mini home solar power system home station 3kw solar kit off grid home solar power system cost
* It is a portable product for supplying power for small-power loads.It has a built-in solar controller.

* The solar controller samples parameters such as the battery's terminal voltage and capacity,the discharge current
and the ambient temperature with help of a computer chip and computes through a special control moduel to realize efficient and accurate control over the discharge rate and the temperature compensation in line with characteristics of the battery.

*5KW 48V 30A solar power system With an efficient MPPT charge mode,the battery can operate in the best status and have a long life.

The system has a 12VDC output terminal and a 5VDC output terminal, overall protection such as short circuit potection,overload protection,unique reverse conection prevention,automatic shutoff upon full charge or overdischarge,detailed charge indication,battery satus indication load indication and fault indication.
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