Solar Wall Light

  • GUE-BD2601-ZB
  • GUE-BD2601-ZB


  • Solar Wall Lamp with Light Sensor
  • Waterproof Wall Light Outdoor
  • Auto On/Off Solar Fence Lights with Sensor
  • Light Fixture for Wall, Garage, Front Porch,Fence, Yard,Bronze
  • Product description: Solar Wall Lanterns ,Solar Powered Porch Light,Solar Outdoor Wall Sconce Decorative Wireless Waterproof ,Auto On/Off Solar Fence Lights with Sensor,for Garden Yard Patio Front Door
Product name: solar wall light 2601
Solar panel: 5V/4.5W (monocrystalline silicon)
Installation method: wall-mounted installation
Product size: 9.5*9*H 12.5 inches
Battery: Lithium battery 3.2V/7AH
Color temperature: 2700K-6500K
Shell material: aluminum + PC

Protection level: IP65

[INTELLIGENT SOLAR WALL LIGHT]:Built in sensitive light sensor,automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. No need to operate ON/OFF switch once put it into use, bringing you convenience and saving your time

[OUTDOOR DECORATIVE LANTERN LIGHTS]:Suitable for outdoor use,16LED small light beads, when the night falls,warm white light adds elegance and color to your outdoor living area.Ideal for garden,lawn,patio,yard,porch.

[WATERPROOF AND DURABLE COURTYARD LIGHTS]:Shell of the solar wall light is made of ABS material, lightweight, waterproof, durable and weather-resistant.Don't let the weather affect your good mood.( For better charging, please install a completely unobstructed outdoor.)

[ECO-FRIENDLY&ENERGY-SAVING]:The light is using solar energy which is Eco-friendly and Energy-saving power.You just need to find a place where full of sunshine to fix it. It can work 8-10 hours at a time after full charge.You don't have to spend extra fees to replace batteries.

[EASY TO INSTALL AND USE]:The solar wall light is very flexible and easy to install.You can install it anywhere and anytime,just make sure it is installed in a sunny place.The light come without any wires and stuff. So,when you want to use it, you just have to install it at the place you prefer, and then you can enjoy the warm,romantic torch light.



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