Solar Flood Light

  • GUE-STD-001
  • GUE-STD-001
  • GUE-STD-001
  • GUE-STD-001


  • Portable multi-purpose solar flood light
  • Integrated solar flood light
  • Product description: Integrated LED Solar Flood Light (50W/100W),Portable Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Used for Outdoor Camping, Fishing and Emergency Lighting

[Durable, portable] LED super bright light, outdoor flood light, with SOS mode, red and blue flashing warning light effect (built-in 6000-12000mAh high-quality lithium battery rechargeable flood light, working time 6-8 hours)

[IP65 Waterproof Rating] Work lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting, can resist heavy rain and bad weather, and are suitable for outdoor camping, suburban travel, fishing, emergency lighting and other occasions

[180°Multi-directional adjustment] The angle-adjustable LED work light can be rotated 180° horizontally and 90° vertically, so the angle can be adjusted easily and flexibly according to needs .

[Multiple charging modes] The rechargeable LED work light has 3 charging modes, indoor adapter charging, car cigarette lighter charging and solar power supply, which can be used in different environments.

[Large capacity battery] The portable led work light has a built-in 6000/12000mAH battery, which can work continuously for 6-8h after being fully charged. (Do not charge when the bulb is on, so as not to burn out the adapter)



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