Solar Street Light

  • GUE-SL01
  • GUE-SL01
  • GUE-SL01
  • GUE-SL01


  • LED solar panel integration
  • Easy to install without wiring
  • High-quality ABS shell, durable
  • Intelligent light control and radar motion sensing
  • Product description: LED solar street light, intelligent motion sensor radar, automatically turn on at night to dawn, large-capacity battery for long battery life, remote control remote control, easy to install, screw fix

Scene applicable multi-functionOutdoor solar lights can produce ultra-high brightness lighting in a wide range, which can be used for front doors, paths, drains, porches, gardens, driveways, walls, or any outdoor places that need lighting. Experience, bring you super bright lighting experience

Easy installationLED street lights are easy to install, screw fixed, simple operation, no wiring or grooves. Can be easily installed on a wall or pole (support pole diameter: 2.54 cm to 7.62 cm, recommended fixed height: 4.04-5.04 m)

Waterproof-IP65 WaterproofCan be installed and placed outdoors in various weather conditions throughout the year

Multi-function working modeTwilight to dark + motion sensor mode + remote control. The built-in light sensor can detect sufficient surrounding light, turn on the light at dusk, and automatically turn off the light at dawn. You can also control the work through the remote control mode

Charge fasterThe solar wall lamp is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the polysilicon solar photovoltaic panel has high photoelectric conversion efficiency. The solar energy has high conversion efficiency, and it only takes 6-5 hours to charge


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