Solar Garden Light

  • GUE-CPD1201
  • GUE-CPD1201
  • GUE-CPD1201
  • GUE-CPD1201


  • Solar courtyard decoration
  • IP65 protection level
  • One light three colors
  • Easy installation, no wiring required
  • Product description: LED solar garden light, simple and stylish design, easy to install, high efficiency photoelectric conversion efficiency, working time up to 12-16 hours, suitable for family courtyards, paths, parks, e
Product Parameter
Product Name:Solar Lawn lamp 1201
Solar panel power:monocrystal silicon 3W/6V
Installation:seat-type/Plug In
LED:SMD2835/72 PCS
Battery:lithium battery 2600mA/3.7V
Shell Color:Black
Material:Aluminum /PC/ABS
Working mode: light control + CCT changeable   Working Time: 2-3 Rainy days
Product size:190*165*H40/60/80cm

Unique Decorative Effect: Garden decoration is suitable for many occasions such as terraces, courtyard paths, porches, etc. The unique lamp holder and color temperature design add fashion and warmth to your garden, and welcome your guests in a comfortable environment!

Easy to install: The courtyard lamp is easy to install, no wiring is required. Different scenes only need to choose different base accessories for installation, and the installation can be completed in a few minutes.

Long battery life: The product uses ternary lithium high-capacity batteries and monocrystalline silicon high-efficiency conversion solar panels, with long battery life and charging efficiency, and also supports battery replacement.

IP65 protection level: The garden lamp has IP65 level waterproof function, which can cope with various outdoor weather, and there is no need to worry about bad weather such as rain and snow.

Variety of lamp color conversion: The courtyard lamp has three lamp colors: white, cool white and warm white, which can be changed by remote control or switch according to your requirements.

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