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Remember, Solar Panels only Absorb Light But not Heat!

   The editor once participated in the negotiation of a solar garden light project, and met the personnel of Party A who said that the street lights should not be short of electricity because the weather is so hot. This is a typical misunderstanding, I think it is necessary to make some clarifications.

    The solar panels of solar street lights can only convert light energy into electrical energy, but cannot convert thermal energy into electrical energy. Many people take it for granted that light and heat are integrated. In our daily life, when we get the sun, we also feel the heat. It is wrong to think that the solar panel can absorb the heat and convert it into electricity while receiving the sun. In fact, solar panels not only cannot convert heat into electricity, but too high heat can cause solar panels to malfunction.
    Generally, solar panels are exposed outdoors, and the temperature can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius. An increase in temperature will not only reduce the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar panel, but an excessively high temperature will reduce the power of the solar panel. Some defective solar panels may also have EVA delamination, which will further affect the acceptance of light energy or cause the solar panel to be disconnected. . Buy solar street lights and choose products from qualified solar street light manufacturers. The quality of the accessories is guaranteed, and there is a corresponding heat dissipation design, which can ensure the safety and standard use of users' solar street light products.


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