Solar Garden Light

  • GUE-CPD2104
  • GUE-CPD2104
  • GUE-CPD2104
  • GUE-CPD2104


  • Intelligent light control sensor
  • Solar garden light
  • IP65 protection level
  • One light two colors
  • Product description: LED solar garden light, simple and stylish design, easy to install, high efficiency photoelectric conversion efficiency, working time up to 12-16 hours, suitable for family courtyards, paths, parks, e
Product name: E-CPD2104
Solar panel: 5V/4.5W (monocrystalline silicon)
Installation method: seat type and plug-in type
Product size: 10.2*4.7*H19.7/27.5 inches
Battery: Lithium battery 3.2V/8AH
Color temperature: 2700K-6500K
Shell material: aluminum + PC

Protection level: IP65

1、 [Solar charging] You only need to turn on the switch, place it in the sun, and the lamp will be full of energy. When the sky
becomes dim, the built-in sensor will automatically start lighting, and will automatically turn off when there is enough light.
IP65 waterproof rating, suitable for most weather.
2、 [Quality materials] The lampshade is made of PC material, which has good light transmittance. The rest is made of die-cast aluminum, which has good waterproof and rust-proof functions. Completely different from other similar products. I believe you will have actual feelings in your hands.
3、 [Superior performance] We use monocrystalline silicon solar panels, which have the highest charging efficiency and the longest service life among solar panels. At the same time, our battery is LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery, the number of charge and discharge cycles can reach 2000 times, and the service life can reach 5 years. LED lamp beads 300 Lumen can emit 3000K warm light.
4、 [Long-term warranty] If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. But we believe that the product will satisfy you. For a long time, Newsky power has focused on lamp production and is committed to giving you company in any scene.



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