Solar Garden Light

  • GUE-GGD2403-20
  • GUE-GGD2403-20
  • GUE-GGD2403-20
  • GUE-GGD2403-20
  • GUE-GGD2403-20


  • Monocrystalline silicon
  • Lithium battery
  • Stainless Steel + Aluminum Body
  • Landscape,Hotel,Square,and so on
  • Product description: High power park garden pathway decorative deck light stainless steel led light Solar Garden Light Window of time and space garden light

1.It can automatically adjust the load power according to the battery quantity.

2.Very low resting current, convenient for long distance transportation and storage.

3.Metal housing, IP65 waterproof rating, can be used in all kinds of harsh environment.

4.High precision digital boost constant current control algorithm, high efficiency and high constant current precision, make the battery use time longer.

5.Brand lithium battery A cell, (not on the market used batteries or B battery)

6.High efficiency monocrystalline silicon sheet, life expectancy ≥ 25 years.

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