Solar Garden Light

  • GUE-CPD5004
  • GUE-CPD5004
  • GUE-CPD5004
  • GUE-CPD5004


  • Intelligent light control sensor
  • Solar garden lights
  • IP65 protection level
  • One light two colors
  • Product description: LED solar garden light, simple and stylish design, easy to install, high efficiency photoelectric conversion efficiency, working time up to 12-16 hours, suitable for family courtyards, paths, parks, e
Product name: Rubik's cube lawn lamp
Solar panel: 5V/5W (monocrystalline silicon)
Product size: 7.8*5.5*H15.7/23.6/31.5 inches
Battery: Lithium battery 3.2V/6.4AH
Color temperature: 2700K-6500K
Shell material: aluminum + PC

Protection level: IP65

Easy to use with installation, because no cables or plugs are needed.
Color temperature: Warm white,  Cold white.
Helping you save energy and reduce your environmental impact, because it is powered by a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity.
The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs,Li-battery 32650 that stores energy from the sun is included.
The battery can be replaced and lasts for about 3 years.
Position the solar panel for maximum exposure to sunlight.
Recharging time is 4-5 hours in sunlight, but over 10 hours on a cloudy day.
When the battery is fully charged, the product will give full light for approx. 12 hours.
Use as outdoor lighting, IP65
This product bears the CE certification.



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